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New Peruvian Designs

Call us today at 413-253-2644 for more information on any of these brand new additions to the Peruvian Collection. All of these designs are reversible.

Venetian Stripe

Shaded Sunshine

Shaded Blue

Net Seafoam

Indigo Seafoam

Crazy Stripes

African Basket


Peruvian Collection

Cajamarca 2
6'x6', #P034

Chinese lattice
6'x9', #P039

Ayacucho points 5
6'x9', #P042

Chessboard 5
6'x9', #P125

6'x9', #P364

6'x9', #P477

Macintosh Cajamarca
6'x9', #P756

54"x54", #P1078

Cajamarca African Basket
5'x8', #P1156

Cajamarca Manta
4'x6', #P1282

San Pedro Olas 5
6'x8', #P1291

Cajamarca Indigo
8'x10', #P1296

Laredo 5
6'x8', #P2000

6'x9', #P2012

4'x6', #P2022

Espirales y Cuadrados
x, #P2027

4'x6', #P2031

2'x10', #P2034

4'x6', #P2038

Nazca Star 5
6'x8', #P2045

Cuadrados Nazca 5
6'x8', #P2076

There are a handful of ancient regions where textiles were first woven. The oldest examples of woven art/textiles have been discovered in what are now the countries of Iran, Turkey, China, Egypt and Peru. Today the different villages and regions throughout the Andes retain their unique weaves, design motifs and colorways.

AMS Imports is happy to present The Peruvian Collection of handmade double-woven and double-faced carpets. These carpets are made of the finest quality llama wool that is hand dyed using the highest quality Swiss dyes. All the rugs are fully mothproofed and colorfast. Inspired by the ancient weaving of the Andes, this collection has a timeless look that can blend with the most modern as well as traditional interiors.

The double weave combined with hand-dyed llama wool gives these rugs a tight surface that can be strikingly different from side to side. Truly, two rugs in one: one for summer, one for winter! They are offered in seamless widths from 26" runners up to 12ft. wide any length. Colors can be chosen from a palette of 87 contemporary colors, and custom colors can be specified. All rugs are ordered with a 12-15 week delivery date.

The Peruvian Collection of Rugs is offered in the following qualities to accommodate different applications and budgets:

Quality #1
This is either a single yarn woven four-fold or a two ply yarn woven double fold to produce a tight weave of uniform surface. These are double sided rugs with a design on one side and a stripe pattern on the reverse side.

San Pedro
This is a heavier weave that creates the most textured design and a more looped quality.

Repp Weave
This is a traqditional weave that can be used to create any number of grid and geometric designs that have a striking visual texture.

AMS offers a catalog with pictures of all the available designs with line drawings and color yarns for $85.

AYACUCHO: The Ayacucho rugs from Peru are a collection of double-woven and double-faced carpets from the south central mountains of Peru. They are entirely handmade using the finest wool and llama from the Puno region of southern Peru. The wool is hand dyed using the finest Swiss dyes. All rugs are fully moth-proofed and colorfast. Inspired by the ancient weavings of the Andes, this collection has a timeless look that can blend with the most modern as well as traditional interiors. The double-warp face weave combined with hand-dyed wool gives these rugs a tight surface that can be strikingly different from side to side. They are truly two rugs in one´┐Żone for summer´┐Żone for winter. Moreover, these rugs can be placed over broadloom without the common problem of having the rugs "walk".

SAN PEDRO: San Pedro de Cajas is an ancient town in the central Andes. It has long been a center of weaving. The weavers of San Pedro de Cajas are famous for their inventiveness and originality; their tapestries of carded wool are known throughout the world. Today these weavers have combined the beauty of hand dyed wool and the ancient technique of weft twining to produce strikingly beautiful contemporary rugs and carpets. These carpets are thick and luxurious yet extremely tightly woven, offering a different style of floor covering that bridges the gap between pile and flatweaves. Weighing over three kilos per square meter of 100% wool these rugs are made to last a lifetime.

NAZCA: The Nazca Rug Collection is inspired by the ancient textiles discovered in excavations of the Nazca Valley. Nazca lies on the Southwest coast of Peru. This valley was the cradle of a pre-Inca civilization that produced some of the most beautiful and technically advanced textiles the world has ever seen. To this day, the fineness of spinning and brilliance of color remains unsurpassed. How some of these double tapestry weavings were made is still a mystery. Like the famous Nazca Lines (the largest earth sculptures in the world) the double warp and weft tapestries are a puzzle yet to be solved by archeologists and historians. The uniquely Nazca sense of color combined with their powerful yet simple designs gives these faithful reproductions a vitality that speaks to today's interiors.

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